Do Good, Feel Good

Spread good energy - it’s more than just a tagline at FEEL. Day in and day out, we’re constantly striving to make sure we’re living it.

As a part of our mission to spread good energy, we’re embarking on a journey to shed light on different charities and nonprofit organizations who are doing good for their communities. Why is spreading the good so important? For starters, because we need more positive things in this world. Also, when you do good, you feel good, which is something the founder and CEO of Nurish Brands, Inc. Brian Turner had ingrained into him early on.

“Throw a good deed into the wind and walk away.”

As a young boy, Brian couldn’t fully grasp his grandmother’s mantra, but growing up, he saw her put it into practice. His grandparents owned a small-town grocery store and around the holidays would put together food baskets for local families in need. Brian’s grandmother would drive him around at midnight, while he hopped out of the car, placed the baskets on front porches, knocked on the door and rode off into the night.
It wasn’t about the recognition of good deeds for his grandmother, it was simply about spreading good energy and kindness. This sentiment is something that is echoed by all the
organizations we will be highlighting.

We need more positive things in this world

Bad news and unfortunate situations seem to bombard us daily. Instead of focusing on the bad, we’re choosing to highlight all the good that is going on around us. People, organizations, random acts of kindness - that’s the news we want to hear about and focus on. Positivity and kindness are contagious, and those are two things that the world sorely needs more of.

There are so many awesome stories right in our own backyard and yet, they remain untold. We’re working on changing that and highlighting some of the individuals and organizations who are spreading good energy on a regular basis.

You can do good and feel good too

Monetary and material donations are always needed by nonprofit organizations, but they also need more than that. They need YOU!

There’s so much more we can do besides writing a check. We need to invest ourselves in the work being done by these organizations. Volunteer, get out there and become a part of the story and make an impact in the community. Their stories and efforts should be shared by all, in order to help raise awareness.

One act of kindness can spread and make the world a better place. Together, we can radiate goodness!

We hope you’ll join our mission to spread goodness throughout the Metro Detroit area, the United States and even the world!

Do good, FEEL good. It’s just that simple.

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