How Many Sugar Cubes Can You Eat?

It goes without saying that it’s virtually impossible to avoid sugar in our foods and beverages. Though many of us read labels to unearth the sugar levels of our favorite brands, it’s shocking to learn how much sugar we’re consuming — especially when the sugar content is displayed in sugar cubes, as shown in the photos of this article:

FEEL Energy has a hint of pure cane sugar, but there are only 15 calories and 2 grams of sugar per 10.5 ounce serving. And we didn’t dare using artificial sweeteners in our quest for great taste. Like you, we’re already getting enough sugar in our daily diet.

What’s your opinion on sugary food and beverages?


  1. Joan Turner

    Very interesting website and good health information besides. Can’t wait to try the different flavors. Where can I purchase this product?

  2. FEEL Energy (Author)

    We appreciate your comments! We’ll soon be in retailers in Southeast Michigan. Check back soon under our “Where to Buy” tab. Thanks!

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